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We have become aware that a website has been set up offering job positions and using our company name, and registered address. This is not the case and the police have been informed in an attempt to stop this fraudulent activity. IT Pitstop UK is not recruiting for any positions, and would strongly recommend that anyone being contacted with a job opportunity by IT Pitstop UK should immediate ignore and terminate any communications with this unknown third party.

ICT Services

Whatever your ICT requirements, we have a range of services to help you achieve your goals. From making sure you get the best system to supporting you as you use it, we'll be there each step of the way.


Making the most of a competitive market, IT Pitstop negotiate with manufacturers directly to get you the precise system you require at the best possible price.

Project Management

Using the Prince 2 Method of project management, IT Pitstop make it easy for you to achieve your project goals on time and within budget.

System Design

IT Pitstop's systems are designed to perform to your exact specifications and to continue to perform and evolve. We will ensure that you get the very best network, server and software that your budget allows.


IT Pitstop can provide technical support either remotely or in person, depending on your needs. Customers with support contracts can also benefit from out of hours support covering most major software and hardware.